A compilation of years of know-how, Fondo is NSR's line of functional apparel focused solely on cycling. Our patterns and technology take into consideration air resistance, saddle positions, and the cyclist's curves to maximize performance. The result is premium apparel made of top-quality Italian fabric, circulation-enhancing material, and pads for long distance riding.

Darkness is no problem for the passionate cyclist. Safety, however, is a different matter. Created specifically for night riding, FLASH products reflect light from every angle so you can't go unnoticed. During the day, FLASH apparel sports a different design that isn't reflective but is just as eye-catching. The brand produces not only jackets, but jerseys and aero shoe covers that you can rock in the summer. FLASH is all it takes for cyclists to stay trendy and satisfied all day and all night.

CLUB is a comfortable and easygoing line designed for training and group riding. With upgraded durability, attention-grabbing designs, and reasonable prices, this product line is one that cyclists cannot help but love.

WOLF LAUNCH is a new concept urban outdoor brand that fuses functionality with everyday wear. It's a line of apparel that you can wear casually or for outdoor sports such as cycling, trekking, or running. With technologies internationally acknowledged, quality guaranteed by strictly regulated self-manufacturing, and premium materials to grant the best functionality, WOLF LAUNCH offers must-have products for the practical modern-day consumer.

Considered a pioneer in the field of seamless apparel, BIOTEX is the first brand to develop and produce functional base layers for sports, with its greatest asset being years of experience and know-how. It incorporates highly advanced BTX yarn, an environmentally friendly material that functions only under a certain manufacture process and maintains optimal body temperature while effectively absorbing and wicking moisture.